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Welcome to Sea Bank

 The Same Bank. Just Online. Just Better.
Do you trust your local bank whatever its name and size nationwide is? Sure you do to some extent. Though you would not put all your money on savings account in order to have 2-3% earned in a year, would you?
That is big money for such a low income and in case of unexpected event you will never say ‘it was worth it’.

How about trying our bank called SeaBank? We do business like any other bank and accept deposits and pay our customers income on them. The only thing is, we operate online only and our rates are much higher than at regular bank. Sounds good hot and enough? Check out our benefits below:
• Safe and secure investment platform with ddos-protection and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer);
• Flexible deposit and withdrawal options allowing instant transactions;
• State-of-the-art customer support system with friendly operators working round-the-clock;
• Profitable affiliate program for extra income;
• Instant enrolment with no paper work or signed contract required;
• Domain registration for 3 years;

What we do is we accept deposits from our customers and further manage those funds for own purposes and then pay our clients their interests and everyone becomes happy. Pretty much like any other bank, but we are better since our interest rate is much higher and we are available in every country in the world without being tied by different regulations and signed contracts. Whoever has Internet access, can open their savings account in our bank and become our valued customer.

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