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The following User Agreement is a contract between you and SeaBank describing your relationship with us and as to how your use of our services should be handled. Please read it prior to signing up a personal account. The following User Agreement becomes effective the moment you create an account with us.

Everyone with an Internet access and at least 18-year-old and/or of legal age in their country of residence can become SeaBank’s customer.

In order to become our customer you must register a personal account. Account creation is done through completion of a sign-up questionnaire. Filling in the questionnaire you must provide only true and accurate information. In case we find that information you have provided is compromised, we may at any time ask you to verify your identity for security reasons. Failure to do that will result in account suspension.

To become an investor, you must fund your account. At this time account funding can be executed via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay. Other payment options can be reviewed by request.

SeaBank is regulated according to the legislation of Costa Rica and fully licensed and authorized by all applicable bills and laws. Any information you provide us during registration or share in communication with customer support representatives will be kept confidential and out of reach by third parties and will only be shared with governmental officials per request.

In case information leak was caused due to uncontrolled circumstances or reasons, you agree to release SeaBank from any responsibility for data loss.

SeaBank will do reasonable efforts to keep business as safe as possible and eliminate any risk whenever and wherever possible. However SeaBank will not guarantee any profits or safety of funds and under no circumstances will we be liable for any profit or principal investment losses. You agree to release SeaBank from any liability as a result of any financial loss due to force-majeure circumstances and agree to be investing at your own risk. Any information on the website should be considered only in the way of informational tool and is not a financial advice of any kind.

SeaBank reserves the right to modify the current User Agreement at any time and without prior notice to the customer. You agree to be solely responsible to check this User Agreement from time to time to keep your records up-to-date. As long as you have an account with SeaBank, you will be treated according to the last modification made to the current User Agreement.

SeaBank will not tolerate any breach of this User Agreement and all identified breaches of attempts to breach will be addressed accordingly. You agree that you will refrain from using this website for any kind of illegal activity. Any breach of this User Agreement, depending on its severity, may result in account suspension with no refund issued. Should your account be suspended, you are not entitled for a refund and payment reversal with your payment processor cannot take place according to this User Agreement you agreed with.

SeaBank has zero tolerance to sending of unsolicited e-mails and spamming. Members reported doing this activity will have their accounts immediately suspended without the right to re-register. If you have received a junk mail from one of our company customer, please file a report to our customer service and we will take appropriate measures.

Your agree to refrain from blackmailing the company and/or post any kind of negative votes on public forums or elsewhere on the Internet without contacting customer support in the first place. All problems can be solved with proper communication. Should you post anything negative, it will be considered as a breach of the current User Agreement and your account may be subject to be suspended.

We reserve the right to refuse provision of services to you at any moment of time and without explanation limit access to your account. Since this is not a breach of User Agreement, any deposited funds are to be refunded within 180 days from the account limitation.

Please do not proceed any further if you do not agree to the above User Agreement.

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